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Web Designers and SEO Experts Love Unlimited Domain Hosting

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A lot of my good friends run their own websites, usually multiple at the same time.

One mentioned to me that he was paying upwards of $100 per month on shared web hosting alone to manage his SEO clients websites. Mind you, he was offering a full service SEO plan that included web design and hosting.

I immediately mentioned to him, what about unlimited domain hosting?

Unlimited domain hosting is where you have one web hosting account, which comes with a primary domain. But instead of buying another web hosting package, you add another domain to the cPanel account.

Addon domains allow you to control multiple domains from a single account. An addon domain links a new domain name to a directory in your account, and then stores its files in that directory.

Now, this is not a new idea by any means. There are lots of claims using the term “unlimited” in web hosting today. Everything has a limit, a good web host just won’t charge you extra for it!

Now back to unlimited domains. If you purchase one web hosting package that comes with 100GB of space, but you can only attach 1 domain to the account – you are really limiting yourself.

unlimited domain hosting features

That is why at Host Little, we give you unlimited add-on domains for every web hosting package that we offer!

Now, you are limited by only disk space on our Pro package, but 100GB is plenty of space for websites starting – and we have seamless upgradability to our Business class web hosting plan that includes unlimited disk space.

Unlimited disk space means that as long as the files are within the TOS, we do not charge you extra for hosting them.

Let’s talk about why this is important to SEO experts and web designers.

They are consistently managing multiple domains, and hopefully adding more websites all the time. The first huge upside to keeping all your websites under one hosting package is ease of use. Having access to all your projects under one roof is a huge time saver. If you are an SEO expert who doesn’t include web hosting, then this may not apply to you. But this definitely applies to web designers.

unlimited domain hosting addon

If you are able to bring all your web design client’s projects under one roof, your life is much easier when it comes time to make edits – and on your pocket!

You can now host, in theory, thousands of websites for only $29.95 a month! Plus you get a FREE domain when billed annually at Host Little.

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