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3 Reasons to Choose Glass Block Windows

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Deciding to install Glass Block windows is an incredible method to unpretentiously improve your room however it ought to be finished with arranging and a strong comprehension of what you desire to achieve with what could change into another space in your home.

Glass Block Window

Glass Block Window – Wisconsin Energy Masters

An appropriately installed window will in general light up the room while additionally keeping bugs and critters out. Storm cellars, washrooms and carports are normal regions for glass block.

The best time do have the windows installed is before you decide to redesign within your home. This is on the grounds that any drywall or tile that will be nearby your new window could get harmed or not fit well against your new window. It is simple for a drywaller or tile proficient to make adjustments to your task, however more hard to change a glass block window in specific cases.

Reasons for Choosing Glass Block


At the point when a glass block window is installed with old-world craftsmanship methods, it keeps out hoodlums, bugs and other little animals. Consider the window a continuation of a divider. We use mortar between the blocks just as around the window to give a pleasant tight completion. Since it’s brick work, it’s difficult to supplant so remember that once this window goes in, it ought to never be taken out.

Water Protection

Cellar windows made out of wood (which is natural) are constantly gotten to concrete. At the point when water sits against that solid it spoils out the wood. By supplanting that wood with mortar and glass (inorganic), there isn’t anything natural to decay out.

Installing glass block in a shower region is a greatly improved option than a customary window. Basic difficulties with shower windows incorporate shape patches, spoiled wood and a cracked window. Glass Block windows are intended to shed water from both within and the outside. We suggest applying grout sealant yearly for restroom installs to capitalize on your new window.


Glass block is probably just about as effective as a warm sheet window yet not as proficient as a triple-sheet window. Each block is designed so there’s a pocket within the block. This makes it so that there is basically two-sheets of glass with an air pocket between them that makes higher efficiency.

An appropriately installed glass block should keep going as long as your home does and amplify outside light into any room that points toward the south, west or east. Northern facing windows don’t get immediate sun and hence won’t amplify light.

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